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Conservation has a vast scope which includes various actions required to extend the life of heritage. We believe that each and every component and layer of history is important while conserving a built fabric.


Our practice in restoration projects emphasizes the traditional skills, traditional construction techniques, and contextual knowledge which is required to restore a heritage building. 



We believe that Research is a foundation of Heritage projects. 

The research projects which contributed towards the existing knowledge in the field of conservation and Architectural history. 

Southeast Asian architectural history and Indian temple architecture are the important aspects that are worked upon extensively.  


Seminars & Workshops :

To disseminate the knowledge of the heritage of India and Southeast Asia, the seminar and workshops are very effective mediums. The workshops on developing traditional skills, to create awareness about the heritage and its management. International alliances done for the workshops and seminars wherein experts from the field of Architectural conservation and cultural conservation have contributed. 


Heritage Experiential Tours:

We conduct the heritage experiential tours to various historic cities in India as well as in the different parts of the world. This is a way to create a awareness about heritage in the people and help them to understand the history of the place and rich culture and interact with local people. The intention is to give value to the leisure and support the local communities.


Skills Development:

The traditional skills are diminishing with the urban development. This is a great source of knowledge for the generations to come. The special skills which were locally developed and nurtured needs to be revived. Through skills development education, there is a chance to rejuvenate these. 

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